Games require the Flash, Shockwave, and Java software.


*Update June 2024* All Games Can Work!

While a Rust emulator from helps some of the games work, I've made a VirtualBox disk that boots into this site and all games work! Try it out. Download the VDI file (1.8 GB) and attach it to a new VirtualBox VM.

All Games


picture"Can you get more games? I've played them all."
Answer: Bullshit you've played all 299 games. Go play a random game. Thank me later.

picture"How do I embed these games on my website?"
Answer: You need two parts. The HTML code to embed files and the game file itself. Game files are usually SWF and can be downloaded by finding the path and 'Save Page As...'. There are a slew of websites that show how to 'embed html flash games'.

picture"Our school blocked your games site, how can we bypass this?"
Answer: Use a proxy by Googling "web proxy".

picture"How did you make these games?"
Answer: I haven't made any of these games. Each game is owned by each respective author.

picture"Your games suck."
Answer: This one isn't even a question but if my games suck, suggest more games.

picture"Why do some of your games open a new window and why aren't these games on your site?"
Answer: Unfortunately, not all games are able to be hosted by me. The websites who create them want people to play the game only on their site.

picture"Your game doesn't work, fix it."
Answer: If I don't fix the game within 24 hours and it still doesn't work on your computer, then the problem is your computer. Install the Flash, Shockwave, and Java software to fix the problem.

picture"How many games do you have in queue before putting them on your site?"
Answer: You can vote on these games to the right or suggest new ones by clicking on the 'Contact Andy' button at the bottom of the window.

Game Suggestions

  • shopping cart hero 3
  • Pre-Civilization Bronze Age
  • tiny heist
  • Plants VS Zombies