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Fri Jul 27
so my brother and stepsister decided to order pizza and put a sign on the door that said “scream ‘Shannon your pizz… https://t.co/5lrgpmcDiS

Mon Jul 23
Giving my introduction to plant floor automation appears to be putting the locals to sleep. https://t.co/HU2zZ6caiZ

Mon Jul 23
@Kia⁩ you should use this as an advertisement. Bringing families together https://t.co/97rezrHBSN

Sat Jul 21
Sometimes I go without shaving for an extra three or four days so I can sport that rugged “5 o’clock shadow” look

Tue Jul 17
Is it still considered an "impulse buy" if the site crashes and you have to hit refresh 1500 times before you actua… https://t.co/AfH15TX0jg